If everything goes as desired, we are expecting puppies after Romeo and O'Bella in January

4 puppies born after Luna and Digger, 2 bitches and 2 males.

Redhead Romeo is tested free of Pl and all hereditary eye disease!
He is also DNA PRA1 and DNA NAD free.
Congratulations to his owner.

9/10 Kelly15 years!

25.09. If all goes well, in November we will have puppies after Luna and Kellika's Dutch Diamond Heart "Digger"

20/9 Super proud of Kellika's Obella and Hilde who got 3rd place in ag competition!

19.09: NKK Tromsø Kellika's Pretty Pixie CK, 2. best bitch and Cac

22/8Romeo BOB Junior for judge Marit Sunde and Best in Group 4. Congratulations Malin!

10.08 Romeo has a super finish in the puppy class!
Congratulations so much to his owner Malin

9/8 Kellika's Qivana CK, best bitch, BOB and CAC at Letohallen.

Våren 2020, Romeo har hittil deltatt på 3 Online utstillinger
og har blitt BIR på alle 3 og på den Spanske Online utstillingen ble han Best i Gruppe 9 baby!!
Gratulere så masse til eieren

14.02 Kellika's Lucky Pinto 
(after Small Symphony Fandango and Kellika's Jamilla)
Open class Exc 1 (of 4) at NKK Bø with a very nice report! Judge: Bente Bjerkaas. 
Congrats to his owners Ann Henriksen and Øivind Henriksen

06.02 Suuuuuper news from Canada!!!!!
I am totally overwelmed and sooo proud!!!

Can GCh UKC Ch Kellika's King Joshua from Norway CGN
(after Tillilita's Indiana Jones and Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg)

Joshua is at the moment in Canada: 
Number 1 Papillon, 2nd for the Toy Group, and 12th overall


Look, the Norway flag behind him!!

This is AMAZING!
Hugh congrats to his owners Cora Vandekar, Caroline Chaput and Kelly Van de Kar and handler Emily Burdon for making this possible and thanks to all judges for loving Joshua so deeply!!! 




31.01 Wildwool Kennelclub 30th of Januar 2020
GR Can Champion Kellika's King Joshua from Norway CNG (after Tiililita's Indiana Jones and Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg)
Hugh thanks to Best in Show judge Jo Ann Pavey and to judge in Group Irene Latchford 
And of course to his handler: Emily Burdon
Thanks to his owners Cora Vandekar and Caroline Chaput for taking so well care of Joshua and for entering him for this show and for all the thousand things you do for him to make this possible!!

Official picture
Today, 31st of Januar a new great win, Best in Group 3 I am so very proud!! 



14.01 Kellika's Prince Pimmy
6. Mestvinnende Papillonvalp 2019 
Gratulere til hans eier Malin Pedersen
(on the picture about 4months old)




1st of Januar 2020!!!
Our Redhead litter 
After Blixyztars Oyski Boyski and Ch Kellika's My Mystic Luna 
(from left to right: Regina, Romeo, Roxy, Ronja and Robbie



News 2019

20.09.19 - Luna and Florian making babies.


Kellika's Prima Minna is free for all eye diseases (by ECVO) and also PL free 0/0. I am soooo happy!!!
She is after Melodie du Papillon Duvell "Rico" (Marlon Snoeks) and Kellika's Jamilla "Milla" (Sylvia van Zuiden)

Hugh congrats to her owner Karin Torstensson


Kellika's Pretty Pixie PL 0/0 and ECVO free ( for all eyediseases)



Kellika's Prince Pimmy is totally free for all eye diseases (by ECVO) and also Patella free 0/0. I am so happy!!!
He is after Melodie du Papillon Duvell "Rico" (
Marlon Snoeks) and Kellika's Jamilla "Milla" (Sylvia van Zuiden)
Hugh congrats to his owner 
Malin Pedersen

The vet loved him and he said: "he is the world coolest Papillon" and also "he will do great in both Agility and Rally"


Bø 25.08.19

Hip hip hurra for BIR og BIM!!!!
BIR Kellika's Lucky Pinto
BIM Blixyztars Pixie Blixyztar

Og Junior BIR Kellika's Pretty Pixie

Og Kellika's Prince Pimmy har denne helgen vært verdens beste "heia bror"

Dommer: Per Kristian Andersen

Gratulere så mye Ann, Beate, Madeleine og Malin


Kellika's Pretty Pixie BOB Junior again.  On her 1st birthday!!
Judge: Per Kristian Andersen

Congrats to all involved!!!

Thanks to Malin for great handling and a very nice weekend 


More good news from NMHK Maura!!!!

Kellika's Lucky Pinto won open class male with Excellent and CC.
Judge: Korosec, Darko

After Small Symphony Fandango and Kellika's Jamilla.

Hugh congrats to his owners Ann Henriksen and Øivind Henriksen.


BIR og BIM Papillonvalpene på Rasespesialen 2019
Dommer: Thomas Rohlin, Danmark

BIR: Kyrkberget's Rafiki
BIM: Kellika's Qivana "Iva"

Gratulere så mye til dere begge to Hilde og Helene!!!

Kellika's Lucky Pinto ble på Rasespesialen 2019 kåret til den P/P med beste frynser!!

After Small Symphony Fandango and Kellika's Jamilla.

Hurra! Og gratulere til eierne Ann Henriksen og Øivind Henriksen

Kellika's Prince Pimmy ble kåret til Gladeste Hund Rasespesialen 2019.

Eier: Malin Pedersen - takk for fint bilde! 


Luna and Kathleen Roosens at NKK Sandefjord 2019



Kellika's Prince Pimmy HP BIM
Kellika's Qivana ""Iva" HP 3BTK 
Kellika's Qiara "Ella" HP 2BTK


Kellika's Eleonora "Lea"  8år


Qiara, Qira og Qivana, snart 8 uker gamle.


Vi er så stolte at vår Papillon valp ble mestvinnende  nr 7 i 2018

Kellika's O'Bella
Etter SK DK UCH Grahnskans Grim og 
D Jr Ch NUCH Candidate Kellika's Lovely Loppa Lotta.

Stor gratulasjon til hennes handler Hilde Kristin Stag, GODT JOBBA!
Vi ønsker deg masse lykke til som junior.
Gratulerer også til eiere av foreldre til Bella.

1st of Januar 2019!!!
Happy New Year to all!!!

Today the puppies are 5 weeks old
Qiara, Qira and Qivana.

News 2018

11/6 Kellika's Lucky Pinto fikk bronsmark i Lydighet. Nå har han både bronsemerket i Lydighet og Agility! Gratulere til hans eier Ann Henriksen.


Suuuuuuper news from Tilburg - Nederland!
Luna, best female, cac and cacib!
Thank you for showing here so perfect Didier Bouvier!
Im over the moon, sooooo happy!
Thanks to judge Ronny Doedijns for liking our girl.



Eileen and Ninja, won the class and got HP. 


Im so proud of Kellika's Mighty Mythos!!!
Congrats to hes owner Chris Konsta.



Ninja gotHP puppy today.


NKK have fixed the results for Papillon. 
Now Ninja`s  HP 6 months is there.
Congrats to owner Elleen and Ninja.


Papillon og Phalene
Grooming- and Handlingskurs.

Vi er sååååå stolt!!!!
Kellika's Ninja Best in breed (BIR) today.

Congrats to beautiful Ninja and here owner and handler Eileen. 

SUPER NEWS from belgum!!!!
To day on Antwerpen Luna had here debut in Belgum, she got best female, cac and cacib.
Thank you judge Mr Rehanek P (cz) for liking my girl.
And thank you to here handler in Belgum Didier Bouvier.



Nr 1 in here class
Judge: Marit Sunde


IDS Goes
Kellika's Nelly BOB minor puppy.
With Very Promising.
Judge: Marit Sunde

Owners: Marleen Devisser and Didier Bouvier
Breeder and handler: 
Sylvia van Zuiden

Bedankt voor de foto's Conny Gielen.





Ch kellika er min mystiske luna med Didier Bouvier i den på id-ene går i dag.
Resultat: utmerket 1, 3 rd beste tispe med res cacib! 



Lotta Loppa are mated with "Whisky"


19/12 Kellika's Lovely Loppa Lotta ECVO tested FREE


News 2017

New Kellika Champion!!
Kellika`s My Mystic Luna became Belarusian champion today.
Only 17 months old and for the first time showing in intermeditate class.
What a flying start, and what a perfect last show in 2017.
Thanks so much to the judges at minsk this weekend Paunovic Dusan (Serbia) and Jilkova Zdenka (Tsjekkia)
and to all others for liking our Luna so much!

Milla and Florian meet and made som babies - look at planned litters


Bø 26.08.17
Kellika's My Mystic Luna
Luna won youthclass, jr BOB, best bitch, BEST of Breed and CAC.
She is now, besides Dutch Junior Champion and BENELUX Junior Winner Norwegian Champion Candidate!!!!
Judge: Noreen Clarke (Ir)
Best of Breed
Best in Group nr 2

This was suuuuper news to wake up with!!!
Hugh congratulations to Cora and Joshua!!!!
(Tillilita's Indiana Jones x Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg)

Luna Excellent 1 Junior CAC at IDS Echt Judge: Jo Schepers

04/05 Kellika's Lovely Loppa Lotta had some great shows this weekend. She was twice Junior BOB and got the CAC both days!!
Now, almost 14months old she is Dutch Junior Champion and Norwegian Champion Candidate

27/5 Luna BOB junior, BOB with Cac and BIS 4 Junior


29.04 Kellika's Jazzy "Dumle" 
Norwegian and since today also Danish Champion!!!Congrats 
Kristine Steen-Andreassen!!!!! 

Kellika's Lucky Pinto became BOB at the Easter Dogshow at Lethohallen last Saterday! Only 12months old
Congrats to his owner Ann Henriksen

His littersister Kellika's Lovely Lizzi became 2nd Best Bitch with reserve CAC
Congrats to her owner Gro Ellen Lebesby

So proud of Kellika's Lucky Pinto
After Small Symphony Fandango and Kellika's Jamilla
Excellent 1, CC, Junior BOB and CAC
Judge: Knut Sigurd Wilberg

Congrats to his owners Ann Henriksen and Øivind Henriksen

Valpeshow i Drammen Hundepark:
Luna tok sin 6. Best i Rasen i dag!! Flinke jenta. Super kritikk og vi er veldig stolte. Neste gang debuterer hun som Junior.

12/2 Stichting gezelschapshonden CAC show.

Lotta Excellent 1, Junior CAC, 2nd best bitch with reserve Cert.

5/2: Yes she did it AGAIN!!!!
Kellika's My Mystic Luna
Her 5th time BOB (Best of Breed) puppy in 2017!!! This time in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands

21. og 22 Januar Bø: Luna 2x Best i Rasen valp og første dag Best i Gruppe nr. 4 og Lotta Excellent 1, Junior BIR, CK, 2. BTK og reserve Cert og den andre dagen Excellent 2 med super kritikk.

15/1: Fantastic day!!! Luna (Kellika's My Mystic Luna) BOB puppy and Lotta (Kellika's Lovely Loppa Lotta) BOB Junior with CC, 2nd Best Bitch and res Cert
So proud of my girls.

News 2016

31/12-2016 Milla er fortsatt med oss og er frisk igjen!! For en lettelse!!! <3

28/12 Super day for Kellika!!!! Kellika's Lovely Lizzi nr 1 and BOB (Best of Breed), Kellika's Lucky Pinto became best male puppy BOS
Kellika's My Mystic Luna nr 2 and Kellika's Lovely Loppa Lotta nr 3
They all did super and made us very proud!!

19/11 Kellika's Lovely Lizzi BIM valp på NKK Lillestrøm. Vi gratulerer så mye hennes eier Gro Ellen Lebesby

13. November
BIR and BIM valp i Kongsberg
Kellika's Lucky Pinto
Kellika's My Mystic Luna
Gratulere så mye til Pinto's eiere Øivind Henriksen og Ann Henriksen

8. oktober.
Utstilling i Drammen 8/10-2016:
Kellika's Lovely Loppa Lotta "Lotta" BIR (Best i Rasen)!!!
Kellika's My Mystic Luna "Luna" 1.premie, vant klassen og 2. Beste tispe.
Begge to har fått en knall god kritikk.
Dommer: Randi Narvesen

Im over the moon..
Kellikas Jumper "Django"
(after Tiililita`s Indiana Jones and Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg)
BOB (Best of breed) at the international dogshow the Ijesselshow at Zwolle in the Nederlands.
Best male, BOB, CAC and CACIB and new Dutch Champion. Thanks to judge Erwin Manders (NL) for thinking so well about our breed. Hugh congratulation to his owner Jaquelina Zandbergen.

Kellika’s Lovely Lotta Loppa gjorde det supert i Brussel!! Vi er så stolte av vår lillejente!!!
European Dogshow 2016 27/8 Minor Puppy female:  nr. 2 med Promising
Dogshow Belgium Breeds 28/8 Minor Puppy female: nr. 1 med Very Promising og Best i Rasen (BIR)
Vi gratulerer også Kellika’s Jazzy og Kellika’s Lucky Pinto og deres eiere med helgens fantastiske resultater

18/9 Lotta 2. beste tispevalp på Rygge

18/9 Kellika's Lucky Pinto BIM valp i Rygge. Gratulere hans eiere så mye!


Flying start for Luna på dagens Mon Cherie show.
Akkurat 3mnd gammel.

3/9 Drammen travbanen:
Kellika's Lucky Pinto BIR valp
Kellika's Lovely Eevee 2. Beste tispe
Begge med flotte kritikker og Very Promising
Totalt deltok 5 valper
Super debut i Norsk utstillingsring!
Gratulere så masse til eiere Ann, Øivind og Madeleine og til Pinto's handler Marta

28. August  Kellika avkom gjør det supert og får flotte plasseringer på Belgium Breeds showet i Brussel Belgia.

Lille Lotta blir Best of Breed (BIR) Minor Puppy.

Vi gratulere også eierne til Kellika’s Lucky Pinto og Kellika’s Jazzy «Dumle» med helgens supre resultater.

Også gratulerer vi Marta Sannes Sørensen med flotte resultater på sin vakre Alice!


27. August Kellika’s Lovely Pinto, Kellika’s Jazzy «Dumle» og Kellika’s Lovely Loppa Lotta gjør det alle 3 supert på European Dogshow 2016 i Brussel Belgia


4/6-2016  4 hanner og 1 tispe født etter SE UCH Lindatorps Tiburtius og Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg

4 jenter og 1 gutt født, Milla er en super mamma.

For flere bilder av valpene kan du kikke her...

Cleo ble parret med Lindatorps Tiburtius "Toddy"  -  Takk til eiere Christina som gjør dette mulig for oss.


Kellika's Jamilla "Milla" har blitt parret med Small Symphony Fandango "Fandi". Vi håper på valper i midten av April.

Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg og Kellika's Jamilla øyelyst fri.


13. November
BIR and BIM valp i Kongsberg
Kellika's Lucky Pinto
Kellika's My Mystic Luna
Gratulere så mye til Pinto's eiere Øivind Henriksen og Ann Henriksen

8. oktober.
Drammen 8/10-2016:
Kellika's Lovely Loppa Lotta "Lotta"  Best in breed
Kellika's My Mystic Luna "Luna"  nr 1 and nr 2.
Judge: Randi Narvesen

Im over the moon..
Kellikas Jumper "Django"
(after Tiililita`s Indiana Jones and Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg)
BOB (Best of breed) at the international dogshow the Ijesselshow at Zwolle in the Nederlands.
Best male, BOB, CAC and CACIB and new Dutch Champion. Thanks to judge Erwin Manders (NL) for thinking so well about our breed. Hugh congratulation to his owner Jaquelina Zandbergen.

Kellika’s Lovely Lotta Loppa did greate in Brussel!! We are so proud of our little girl.
European Dogshow 2016 27/8 Minor Puppy female:  nr. 2 with Promising
Dogshow Belgium Breeds 28/8 Minor Puppy female: nr. 1 with Very Promising and best og breeds.
Kellika’s Jazzy and Kellika’s Lucky Pinto also did greate this weekend.


Flying start for Luna on Mon Cherie show.
3 month old.

3/9 Drammen:
So proud
Kellika's Lucky Pinto Best of breed
Kellika's Lovely Eevee 2. Best female
5 puppies at this show.
Congratulation to Ann, Øivind and Madeleine and also to Pinto's handler Marta

28. August  Kellika offspring are doing greate at the Belgium Breeds show in Brussel Belgum.

Lotta Best of Breed (BIR) Minor Puppy.

Congratulation to the owners of  Kellika’s Lucky Pinto and Kellika’s Jazzy «Dumle» with nice results.

We also congratulate Marta Sannes Sørensen with Alice!


27. August Kellika’s Lovely Pinto, Kellika’s Jazzy «Dumle» and Kellika’s Lovely Loppa Lotta all 3 are doing super at the European Dogshow 2016 Brussel Belgum.


4/6-2016  4 males and 1 female born after SE UCH Lindatorps Tiburtius and Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg

4 females and 1 male born, Milla is the perfect mum.

Cleo was mated with Lindatorps Tiburtius "Toddy"  -  Thank you to owner Christina for making this posible.


Kellika's Jamilla "Milla" have been mated with Small Symphony Fandango "Fandi". We hope for puppies mid April.

Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg og Kellika's Jamilla PRA FREE.


News 2015

He did it!! 2 weekends of showing! Kellika's King Joshua of Norway New Canadian Champion!!! Thank you Christa Duff for handling him so well.

Congrats to his owners Cora and Ger Vandekar and to his judge. Mr. M. McMillan!

Today we have taken the difficult decision to unleash our lovely Tika.
Thank you for all our little girl, now release no more pain.
Rest in peace, we will always remember you and our kennel always remember your name
NUCH Destiny Height's Tequila
25.09.2006 - 11.06.2015

31/10 -1/11 - 2015

Kellika's King Joshua from Norway at Trillium show Canada 4x Best of Breed!! What an amazing showstart! Hugh congrats to his owner Cora Vandekar

Kellika's Kelvin the Winner BOB, BIG and BIS 4 at Orrehallen - Norway
Almost 8 months old
Thanks to judge Helge Werner Hagen and the other judges for liking and loving our sweet Kelvin so much!!
HUGH congrats to Kelvin and to his owner Terese Moe

Norwegian Winner show 2015, Norwegian Kennel Club  Judge: Joakim Ohlsson (Sverige)
Champion candidate Kellika's Jazzy "Dumle" got Exellent 1,  Cc and was placed as 5th best male out of 56 papillons
Congratulations to this lovely boy and to his owner Kristine Steen-Andreassen!

NUCH Marbijo's Kelly
10Yrs old, had a one time re-debute in the showring after a 7,5yrs break...
She did a great job and we had a great time. She got Very Good and 2nd in Veteran class.
We are very proud of her


30/9 Results from Optigen DNA PRA1 : Cleo, Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg, FREE!!

26/9: Kellika's Kelvin the Winner BOB
Congrats to hes owner Terese Moe
Kelvin with hes prices this year (only 7 monts):

Dumle and Kelvin on Eds in Lillestrøm 3. September 2015
Dumle Excellent, Kelvin 2. place (4 in class)
Judge: Arne Foss

Super handling of Kelvin by his own Terese and super handling of Dumle by his co-breeder Mirna Haukaas.
We are proud and congratulate their owners Terese Moe and Kristine Steen Andreassen so much!

12. August Kelvin is looking forward to European dogshow ... Thanks for nice picture Terese Moe


25/26 July Double Dog Show at Karmøy Kellika's Kelvin the Winner, 5mnd old debut in the ring:
2x BOB (Best of Breed) puppy and 1x BIG (Best in Group) No. 3
We are very proud! Congratulations to his owner Terese Moe


6/6  Multi chamion AMSW-13 Kellika’s Evita Karina was BOS on NKK Drammen – last CACIB and Evita is offisisial Internasjonal Champion!
Thank you to judge: Frank Christiansen And congrats to here owners Marianne Kristiansen and Rune Bernhus.

The exhibition 25/04/15 at Letohallen judge vesica Rade
Kellika's Jazzy "Dumle" Best Junior, Ck, CAC and BOB (Best of Breed Papillon)
Now he is champion candidate!
Congratulations to owner Kristine Steen Andreassen.

The boys are now checked. Perfect teeth and both testickles. Healthy and social puppies did the veterinarian say.
Now they are almost ready to move out ... We wish them lots of luck in their new home.

Kellika’s Jumper «Django» new NL Junior Champion
Excellent 1, best male, CAC and Best in BREED (BOB)
At the international dogshow at Goes, the Netherlands
Judge: C.Cathcart
Django is alsoChampion candidate, only 1year old.
We are so proud!
Hugh congrats to his owner Jacky Zandbergen

Kellika’s Jazzy «Dumle» got hes first cac in the show in Drammen. Judge: Mona Selbach
Im so happy for you Kristine Steen- Andreassen

Kullsøster Kellika’s Jamillia won her clas and got Excellent.

We've got puppies, see more here ...


Kellika's Jumper aka Django on his debute at Juniorclass at the International Dogshow at Eindhoven, the Netherlands:
Exc 1, 2nd best male and CAC. Congrats to his owner Jacky Zandbergen

25.01.2015 Kellika's Jamilla aka Milla debuted as Junior
and won her class with Excellent and super criticism.

News 2014


28/12 Kellika's Jamilla  2. Best female puppy
7 papillons at the show
Judge: Leif Lehmann Jørgensen (DK)


Kellika's Jazzy aka Dumle BOB puppy at the show at Lethohallen
Judge Leif Lehmann Jørgensen
Congrats to his owner Kristine Steen-Andreassen!


Kellika's Jazzy aka Dumle 
Nordic Winner Puppy 2014

Proud breeder - Congrats to owner: Kristine Steen-Andreassen.

Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg today got here eyes chek (Ecvo) with no remarks.

09.11.14 Kongsberg.
Kellika's Jamilla, "Milla" BOS puppy
Judge Argirou, Stavros

01.11.14 ~ Letohallen
Multi-Ch AMSV-13 Cruft qualified 2013 . Kellika's Evita Karina BOS.
Congrats to owners Marianne Kristiansen and Rune Bernhus.

01.11.14 ~ Letohallen
Kellika`s Jazzy became BOS puppy, judge: Stephen Wheeler.
 Congrats to owner Kristine Steen-Andreassen.

Skien, Norway, 25/10-2014

Kellika's Jewel, "Mille" best bitch puppy (BOS)

Congrats to owner and handler!!
Well done 


Lethohallen, Eidsvoll, Norway

Kellika's Jazzy, "Dumle", BOB (Best of Breed) puppy

Congrats to his owner and handler Kristine Steen-Andreassen

International Dogshow Zwolle the Netherlands, 4th of October 20014 Judge mr Peter van Baaren-Grob (Nl) Kellika's Jumper, "Django", beste Papillon pup with "very promising"

Congrats to his owner Jacky Zandbergen

Puppyshow arrange by the Norwegian Kennel Club in Oslo 04.09.2014 Our Sweet boy Kellika's Jazzy "Dumle" 5 months old, BOB Puppy Judge: Marianne Holmli.


Kellika's Jumper, "Django" BOB Papillon baby and Best Baby of the day Clubmatch PPVN, the Netherlands, 13sept. 2014 Judge: hr. Holger Hofmann (Dld)
Concratulations to his owner Jacky Zandbergen (Nl)



Kellika's Jazzy, aka Dumle, BOB valp. Judge: Marit Sunde. Congratulate the lot to his owner Kristine Steen Andreassen

Kellika's Jazzy, aka Dumle and Kellika's Milla show debut at NPPK show in Drammen. Judge: Erodotos Neofutou Both made ​​it perfect, both in the ring and on the table and got both "very promising". Proud breeder. Congratulations to Dumle's owner:

Kristine Steen-Andreassen


am happy! Today I got the result from Optigen in USA of the DNA test for Kellika's Jamilla, born the 2nd of April 2014. The result is that she is normal (which means free) for PRA1 Copy-paste from Optigen: "Test Results: Genotype of your dog is NORMAL Risk for developing Papillon PRA1: This dog will not develop the form of Progressive Retinal Atrophy caused by the Pap_PRA1 mutation. Significance for breeding: Genetically Normal/Clear dogs can be bred to any dog and will produce no pups affected with PRA due to the Pap_PRA1 mutation."

Today we learned that Kellika's Fairy Tale and Dream are DNA tested free of PRA1. We are very happy! We gratuleredeg her own Monica Westgaard so much

Swabs (saliva) of Kellika's Jamilla send to Optigen in the United States. It should be DNA tested PRA1


All puppies from Cleo and Indi are now delivered. All have received the great and good homes.
We keeping a bitch from this litter: Kellika's Jamilla ♡


All pups are currently healthy declared by the veterinarian, chipped and officially registered with the Norwegian Kennel Club - dogweb



Today we have chosen that it is Kellika's Jamilla who is staying here with us in Kellika. By day shes called Milla.


Puppies are born.
More info here..


Tika has today become a grandmother. AMSV-13 Multi-Ch Kellika's Evita Karina got a little male puppy.
The name is Purple Sensation Flying Dutchman because he flew from Amsterdam to Oslo (the breeder Mirna Haukaas) when Evita was 3.5 weeks pregnant.
Congratulations to Evita's owners Marianne and Rune.
The father of the puppy are: VILARD's Noble Affection - owner: Petra Aben-Maas
More info can be found on the website of Marianne and Rune: Purplesensation

25/2 Ultrasound has confirmed that we will have puppies

Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg
(INT CH DT VDH CH Hundebuden’s Prinz Von Rajuuhne x Deutscher Jugendchamion, Landesjugendsiegerin Thüringen Best For Petra Von Der Edelruh)
Tillilita’s Indiana Jones (owned by Mette Ekseth)
(GB IE N SE UCH Bodebi Ray Of Success To Lafford x Petit Mystic Vom Schwabenhof)

In for some action Isaac have moved with his new owners in the Netherlands.
We wish him a super nice life with Marcella and Tinus and we congratulate the owners with glorious and good new Papillon in the house.

Cleo and Indy have had a date and we hope we get some puppies from this combination.

Show in Hoogstraten, Belgia 5. January 2014 - Evita best bitch, BOS, CAC and CACIB
Congratulations to her owners: Marianne Kristiansen and Rune Bernhus and here handler Petra Aben - Maas

News 2013


Amterdam Winnershow 14/12-2013
NO SE UCH Kellika's Evita Karina. Excl 1. Best Bitch. 2 x CAC. BOS. CACIB.
CRUFT-Qualifield 2014. Thanks to Judge: Eeva Rautala (FI)
Thank you Petra Aben-Maas for you showing her so great in the ring.
Congrats to here owners Marianne Kristiansen og Rune Bernhus!

Ch Kellika's Evita Karina, best bitch, BOS, CAC, CACIB on her first show in Netherlands.
Congratulations to her owners Marianne Kristiansen and Rune Bernhus and her handler Petra Aben-Maas (pictured)

11 December Papillon Kellika's Incredible Messi "Messi", by getting into the finals of "Varden scorer this year's pet".
We congratulate his owner Lillian Ludvigsen so much with the final place.

27/10 N SE UCH Kellika's Evita Karina, owned by R. Bernhus and M. Kristiansen moving to the Netherlands. She'll be staying a while at Petra Aben-Maas. Petra will show her at exhibitions in the Netherlands and surrounding countries.
We would like Evita to have a great stay, lots of cuddles and joy and lots Sukses in the ring!

26/8 Kelly and Tika is proud great-grandmothers to 3 beautiful boys, born in kennel Akindy.

26/7 Skien - Rasespesialen 2013

åpen klasse Excellent with an very nice report Thanks to judge Anca Diana Giura

26/7 Skien - Rasespesialen 2013

Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg

open clas Excellent

Thanks to judge Anca Diana Giura

Kellika’s Incredible Messi Excellent 3


19. og 20. Juli Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg mated with Tillilita's Indiana Jones

Cleo pra FREE

2. Juni Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg Excellent 2  (6 females) on NKK Drammen. judge: Jakub Kruczek (Pl)


Show at Letohallen, Norway. Judge: Philomena Leonard
NO SE UCH Kellika's Evita Karina. Excellent 2. CC. 3 Best Female

10/2 Show Exporama: Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg Excellent, nr. 1 i klassen, CK and 3. btk with Cac

9/2 Show Exporama: Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg Excellent, nr. 1 in clas, CK, Cac and btk, BOS

9/2 og 10/2 Show Exporama: Kellika’s Evita both days CK and 2BTK. Congratulations to her owners Marianne and Rune.

27/1 Kellika’s Evita Karina Norwegian and Swedish show champion

Congratulations to her owners Marianne Kristiansen and Rune Bernhus

News 2012

25/11 Cleo and i had a greate day on Dogs4All in Lillestrøm

11/11 Cleo Excellent and nr 2 in Juniorclas in show on Kongsberg. Judge: Kitty Sjong.

 Kelly 7 year old is currently tested free of PRA again :)

20 & 21.10.12 Utstilling i Lethohallen, number of participants Papillon 31 og 40
Super debut Kellika’s Firework Jedi on show in Lethohallen. Both days she got excellent, 3. & 4. place in youngster class and superb judgment. We congratulate the owner so much!

20/10 og 21/10 Kellika’s Evita Karina fikk 2. og 1. place in open class both days with CK. She was 2x 4 best female and Sunday she got reserve CAC. Congratulate her owners!

19/10 – 21/10 Cleo have the whole weekend visited us and it's been really nice! There were lots of hugs, long walks and some "training"

Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg tested PL 0/0

Nasjonal show i Ljungskile, Sverige. Judge: Ann-Christin Johansson
Kellika's Evita Karina: Excellent, 1, CK, CERT, 1 BTK, BIM

We congratulate her owners Marianne and Rune so much with Swedish Cert on beautiful Evita

13. 14. 15. July Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg on the Dogfestival 3 days and got Excellent all days :)

14/7 Kellika’s Evita Karina, owned by Marianne Kristiansen and Rune Bernthus, Cac, BOB on Vålerbanen.

29/6-12 Kellika’s Lady’s Anastasia now officially owned by her carer.
We want to thank the Ludvigsen family for a very cozy and good cooperation, and hope to see lots in the future as well.

10/6 Kellika’s Evita Karina Cac og BOS on Exporama. Judge: Harry Vella.



29/6 Our glorious I-boys, Kellika’s Incredible Messi, Kellika’s In for some action Isak og Kellika’s Irresistible Ivan now moving out ...

We wish their owners lots of luck, enjoy and be happy to side with their new family member! And guys, we want a happy life and we hope to meet again "

Kellika’s Dutch Djoser Excellent 1 and BOB on show in Almelo, Nederland

NKK Drammen 03.06.12
Dommer: Christian Geelmuyden
Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg: Excellent 1, best Juniorbitch (9 in class), CC

Internationale show in Drammen 3/6-2012. Judge: Christian Geeilmyden
Kellika's Evita Karina.
Excellent 1. CC. CAC. 4 Best Female


"4. May Kellika's I-boys are born!"

Kellika's Happy Heart, "Kesha", moves into here new family. We wish for them joy happiness and love.

Dogshow Drammen - Judge:Aud Eriksen
Kellika's Evita Karina. 1 place., best bitch, CAC, BOB 2


26 februar 2012
Updated on all dog pages with new photoes and pedigree and info. Also on our album wit new pics on (Happy Heart and Cleopatra) on offspring and frontpage.


05 Februar 2012
Kellika’s Happy Heart are born

News 2011

8 Desember

Two successful breedings with Nuch Marbijo's Kelly and Wiranno's Man in Black performed!

30 November

Kellika's Charming Chip, ”Coscos” og Kellika's Lady Anastasia eyetested free.


13 November

Cleopatra BOB in Kongsberg

27 Oktober

Kellika’s Lady Anastasia tested free of PL

19 September

 Cleopatra Vom Volkersberg came to us, welcom home dear
girl! Thanks to Petra Ouerghi for trusting this little girl to us.

20-21 August

Kellika's Evita Karina debut in junior class. both days
Excellent and the special on Sunday she won the Junior class with CK.
Congratulations to her

21. August

 National specialty, Bjerke, Oslo. The entire litter after Kellika's Lady
Anastasia and Kellika's Charming Chip made ​​his debut in the ring today and got a
great placings and good reviews! We congratulate their owners and handlers as
lot with a great debut. They are lovely and beautiful all 3



We look forward to you get "home"  Cleo.

Lokk at Our Dogs for more about Cleo.

Kellika's Evita Karina BOB puppy at the show in Fredrikstad
Congratulations to Rune and Marianne with this and a lot of success with Evita in the Junior

Kellika's Evita Karina ends her puppy career with
6 x BOB
3 x BOS
1 x BIG 2
1 x BIG 3
1 x BIS 2
1 x

2011 - August

8. August 2011 Kellika's Dutch Djoser visiting from the Netherlands. Thanks to
his family for cozy

2011- June
Kellika's Evita Karina has pleased both us and the owners with 2x BOB, 2x BOS this month and BOB 2, BIG 3, BIS 2 and BIS 3

For some weeks ago
For a few weeks ago, Kellika's Fantastic Calvin, Fairy Tale and Dream and Firefox Jedi spread out their little butterflies wings and left for their new home.
We are very pleased that everyone has been so nice good owners and they want lots of mutual pleasure with each other! Hope to see you sometime in the future:).


Mossehallen Evita BOB
also BOB 22.05.2011

Congratulations to her owner Marianne Kristensen


Lady Anastasia (Lady) got three pups, two females and one male.


Our dear Kellika's Enchanting Eddy, "Zito" has left us,  and went to his new home.
We wish him and his new family a lot of fun and pleasure!!


Our beutiful Kellikas Elegant Eleanora has moved to her new home in Geithus.
We wish Bente Haugen and her family a lot of happiness with her, and we wish Lea a good start in her new home

News 2010


Evita Karina is sold to Marianne Kristiansen og Rune, kennel Purple Sensation, in Askim Norway
Congratulation to her new owners, and we wish Evita a lot of happiness and luck in her new home


E-litter is born, three pups, two females and one male, se more under pups


Kellika's Bella Ronella CC, Best bitch, BOS congratulations to the owner!


Dog show in Råde, Kellikas Dutch Diamond Heart BOS puppy - congratulations to owner Kari-Ann Rode.


Dog show Drammen, Destiny Heights Tequila, ”Tika”, Excellent1, CAC, Norwegian Champion.
Judge Antonio di Lorenzo

Good results for our breed too. Congratulations to their owners


Dog show Drammen:

Kellika's Charming Chaplin, Excellent 1, 4th best male, CAC, Junior BOB
Kellika's Charming Chip, Excellent 1
Destiny Heights Tequila, Excellent 3

Kellika’s Bella Ronella, Excellent 1 , 2nd best bitch, CAC

Kellika’s Dutch Diamond Heart, best male, BOS puppy

Judge Ligita Zake

Congratulations to their owners.



Kellika’s Charming Chip, “Coscos” tested free for PL



Kellika’s Lady Anastasia tested free for PL


Kellika's Charming Chip, "Coscos", Excellent 1, 3rd best male, CAC at the dogshow in Oslo. Congratulations to his owner Kari-Ann Rode



Kellika’s Bella Ronella Excellent 1, 3rd best bitch, CAC at the dogshow in Fenstad, Norway. Congratulations to her owner.


Kellika's D-litter born today, 2 males and 1 female


News 2009

Kellika's Bella-Ronella 7. most winning female papillon puppy 2009
Kellika's Charming Chaplin 5. most winning male papillon puppy 2009 and 10 best puppy (as well female and male) 2009


Tika tested free for PRA and PL


Kelly mated with Comet vom Volkersberg - puppies expecte end of January 2010


Marbijo's Kelly 1Kval, 1Konk, CK, 2 BTK, CERT and CHAMPION!!
Photos klick here

New pictures from the Agility weekend

Kongsberg Hundeklubb, 05.04.2008

Kellika's Lady-Anastasia: Nr 1, 1Btk, BIR (at least 9 pups in her group )
Kellika's Adidas: Nr 1, nr 2  (at least 9 pups in his group )


Marbijo's Kelly : Pra-testet  Free
Destiny Heigh't Tequila : Pra-testet free

Leiden, Holland 2008

Destiny Height's Tequila: 1Kval, Ck, Cert, Cacib, 1Btk, BIR

Crufts 2008
Destiny Height's Tequila: Second in class

The show at Finstadbru, Kellika's Evita Karina BOB and BIG 2 and Kellika's Enchanting Eddy BOS. We congratulate their owners and handlers so much!